Baby Shower Tea

Many people think that making a pot of English tea is difficult, however it’s really quite easy. Here’s how to make the perfect cup of tea.

First, freshly fill your kettle with cold water from the tap. Then, when the kettle is nearly boiled, pour a little of the hot water into a glazed china teapot and swirl the water around to warm the pot.

Continue to let the kettle boil, meanwhile empty the teapot. Now into the teapot put a half to one teaspoonful of English breakfast tea for each person to be served, plus one ‘for the pot’, When the kettle has boiled fill the teapot with the water.

After this allow the tea to brew for about three minutes, then with a teaspoon agitate the tea, but don’t stir the tea in the pot, as there is an old English proverb that says ‘if you stir the pot then you stir your troubles’.

Now, using a tea strainer, pour the tea into teacups. Then, if you or your guests take milk in your tea add this to the cups. However, if your teacups are made of fine bone china then it may be advisable to add the milk before pouring the tea.

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