Cute Baby Shower Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are a popular choice for baby shower finger food. And a really fun idea is to use a sandwich or a cookie cutter, to cut them into some cute baby themed shapes. Teddy bears, baby feet, or onsies for instance, would be a very sweet choice.

Party themed shapes

Cutting your sandwiches into shapes that tie in with your party theme is a fun suggestion too. Animal shaped sandwiches for example, would be just perfect for a Noah’s Ark baby shower, as would daisy shaped sandwiches for a Daisy baby shower, assorted letters for an Alphabet themed party, and a little duck for a Rubber Ducky baby shower.

Sandwich making tips

To make finger sandwiches many people like to use thin or medium sliced white or brown bread, however, other types of bread are often used too. Also a really good tip is to fill the sandwiches before cutting them into fun shapes, and to cut the crusts off before cutting them into four triangles, three fingers, or four squares, which are the classic shapes for Afternoon Tea, or a Tea Party.


There are many well-liked recipes for both traditional and modern tea sandwiches. Cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese, ham, eggs, and pate for instance, are just a few popular ingredients for fillings. There are also lots of great ideas for ingredients that will add flavor, texture, and color, such as watercress, dill, mint, chives, asparagus, radishes, and olives. So before deciding which recipe to choose, why not do a little research, and ask family and friends for their favorites.

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