Baby Shower Cake Decorating Ideas

With some pretty decorative touches it’s easy to make homemade or store-bought baby shower cakes look extra special. Decorating a plain cake with some frosting or icing for example is a really popular idea. This you might make yourself or, as there are some very good icings and frostings available to buy, purchase from a store.

Baking cups (paper baking cases) are also widely available. They come in a great range of colors and fun designs and are a simple way to dress up cupcakes. Additionally, a very sweet idea is to match the baking cups with the colors or theme of the baby shower. Cake wrappers too are an easy way to make little cakes look super cute.

More great decorating ideas

These could include adorning cakes with candy, or sprinkles, dragees, fresh fruit, glacĂ© fruit, or sugar flowers, as well as with artificial flowers, ribbons, powdered sugar (icing sugar), cocoa, sanding sugar, fondant baby shower decorations, or with a sprinkling of edible glitter. Edible flowers are also a favorite choice of many people, however if you should decide to buy, do make sure that they’re from a reputable supplier.

Another fun cake decorating suggestion that you might like to consider is to use cupcake picks and toppers. These are readily obtainable in some really adorable baby and party themed designs, and some toppers are edible too!

Baby Shower Recipes

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