Eggonnaiz Sandwiches

These easy but tasty tea sandwiches have a smooth and creamy texture and are sure to delight your baby shower guests.


Thinly sliced bread
Finely chopped chives (optional)

As an approximate guide for every two hard-boiled eggs you will need three teaspoons of mayonnaise, half a teaspoon of butter and three teaspoons of chopped chives.


First hard boil the eggs then, when they are cool, peel them and put them in a bowl.

Now add the chives.

Next add the mayonnaise and the butter. Then, using a fork, mash everything together.

After this cut the crusts off and butter the bread.

Now spread the eggonnaize on a slice of buttered bread and top with another slice of buttered bread. Then cut the sandwich into four neat triangles.


* Some chefs like to use scissors to snip their chives.
* If you’re making the sandwiches before the party don’t forget to cover them to keep them fresh.

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