Should There Be A Shower For The Second Baby?

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Shower Etiquette

Is it usual for a shower to be held only for the first baby, or can one be held for a second or third child, especially if say the first child is a boy and the later baby is a girl?

Traditionally a shower is only held for the first baby, but the modern view is that they can be held for subsequent babies as every baby’s birth is a cause for celebration. It might be a good idea if the person who is intending to host the event asks the potential guests how they feel about holding a second or third shower. If most people seen keen with the idea then why not have one.

Gifts for the mommy are best aimed at being the more useful everyday items that the infant may need and maybe not quite as expensive as those given at a first baby shower. For example diapers, bibs, bottles, formula, receiving blankets and onsies.

If the second or the third child is not the same sex as the original child, or if there has been a considerable lapse in time between the births the mother may not still have the original clothing and equipment it may be particularly appropriate to hold a subsequent shower, often called a sprinkle.

But please do remember that the idea of holding a baby shower is of course not just about giving gifts but is also a social event and it is a good excuse for friends and family to get together and to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Baby Shower Etiquette

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