Should I Have Games at the Shower?

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Shower Etiquette

Is it necessary or in fact a good idea to have games at a baby shower?

Games break down any barriers or awkwardness if the guests do not know each other, but they are not essential to a shower.
Check with the mom how she feels about including games which involve her. If in doubt just have one or two games with small gifts as prizes for the winners.
In the mean time take a look at the games suggestions shown on this site.

Food, drink and conversation are the basic ingredients of a celebration and also the games can make the event memorable. Games are usually best if they are generally related to babies.

It is also a nice idea to have a book where each guest can write down one piece of advice, to the new mom (and pop) this will not only be a thoughtful gift but will also be very useful to the new parents in the months and years to come.

Baby Shower Etiquette

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