The best time to hold a baby shower?

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Shower Etiquette

When is the best time to hold a baby shower?
It is more traditional for the shower to be held at sometime before the birth. It is usual for a baby shower to be held perhaps a month or two before the birth. In which case it is preferable that the gifts should be those related to newborn babies and in neutral colors.

However in recent times it has been quite usual for some showers to be held a month or two after the birth. Sometimes this can be more appropriate if the mother is having a difficult pregnancy or her religion discourages celebrating the baby’s birth beforehand.

Holding the shower after the baby is born has the advantage that you can be sure that the gifts can relate to the baby i.e. girl or boy.

In either case it is a good idea not to hold the event too near the anticipated birth date as the mother’s health may not be good enough for her to enjoy or even take part in the games or activities. Also the baby could of course arrive late or prematurely.

Baby Shower Etiquette

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