Baby Shower Invitations Etiquette

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Shower Etiquette: Invitations

Should I have special invitations and stationary printed for my baby shower?

It is not generally necessary to have specially printed stationary for a baby shower. The usual way is to go to a greeting card store or craft store and buy stationary, invitations with a baby theme, or to make your own invitations. Stickers, stamps and even little charms are available for this purpose. It’s a good idea to send the invitations three weeks or more before the planned party to give all the guests plenty of opportunity to make necessary arrangements and for you to find out how many guests will actually be attending. Be sure to include on the invitation the name of the hostess and a RSVP telephone number and if appropriate the theme of the shower and if any of the guests are unfamiliar with the location of where the event is being held, you should also send them a copy of a suitable map.

Baby Shower Etiquette

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