Edible Shower Centerpieces

Centerpiece Suggestions

Using some of the party food to make a table centerpiece is a great idea - especially if you are a hostess who is working to a budget - and it's sure to be a hit with your baby shower guests too.

To make your edible table centerpiece first you will need something to display the food on, this might be a tiered cake stand, or compote or something as simple as a doily covered plate.

Then on your chosen display item simply arrange some prettily decorated cupcakes or cookies, truffles in candy cups, jellybeans, sugar coated almonds, candy, wrapped chocolates or bonbons, or perhaps a large cake adorned with cute baby themed decorations.

An arrangement of fruit is a also a nice option - grapes, clementines, peaches and cherries are all good fruit choices - and will make a colorful as well as affordable baby shower table centerpiece.

Edible Centerpieces

We hope that the ideas for centerpieces here will be of some help to you in planning the party. Edible centerpieces really make the table the focus of attention and can form an important part of the chosen theme. You can find many ways to create a lovely event using and, of course, they don't have to be expensive. if you take a little extra care with designing and creating the basket, then it will be remembered by the guests. As well as how to make a centerpiece info, you can find delightful original poems, food ideas, and free games here at Babbee.com.

It will be easy for you to entertain the attendees with the printable baby shower games on this site, which are free for you to use at your friend's party.

Great centerpiece ideas to help a hostess easily prepare an attractive event

including the inexpensive edible decoration PLUS enjoyable games suggestions.

Here are ideas for party table decor that you can eat and will feed your party guests.

Sweet party table decor ideas that are sure to delight and impress your hungry guests.

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