Baby Poems

These original poems are suitable for including on the shower stationery items and should help you when composing appropriate wording.

Baby Poems for A Shower

Here is a delightful shower poem for you to enhance you baby party invitations!

An invitation

You're invited to a Baby Shower
To take place at the appointed hour.
Please check your diary as soon as poss'
And against the date please put a cross.
If you are free on that date
An early reply we'd appreciate.
Please don't dilly
And please don't dally,
Because food and guests we must tally.

Shower Poems

These thank you poems and shower verses are free and suitable wording should also be great for homemade baby stationery and notes of thanks to the guests or to the hostess. They are also just right for adding to your favors and gifts to add a lovely detail and to show your gratitude.

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