Poems To Thank Your Guests

If you are a mommy-to-be who is about to have a shower thrown for her, then you will want to send your thanks on cards or notes to the guests and, or course, to the hostess. These poems are ideal for adding to your stationery showing your gratitude to your friends and relations.

Thank You Poem

Baby in pink
Or baby in blue,
This thank you card
Is from baby to you.

Thank You for my Baby Shower

My baby shower was a wonderful gift
That gave my heart a welcome lift
And because I know you worked so hard
I’m sending you this thank you card.

Baby Shower Thank You Poems

These free suggestons for baby messages, and also the verses for which can be attached to favors will save you time and effort when arranging the shower. The guests are going to appreciate the extra touch of attention, even to a small and low cost gift. These free items here will go towards helping to oragnize a successful event but at a budget. You can also include prayer verses for baby where apropriate and it will be a lovely addition to the celebrations. A few quieter moments at a celebration should be a lovely contrast to some of the more active and exciting games and activities that will be taking place during the event. There are also baby poems ideas that will be perfect for homemade stationery rsvps, letters and notes thanking the guests. Gratitude verses that are suitable for adding to favors and gifts. Be sure to look through all of the shower poetry included here, as it will be suitable for your stationery and notes to thank everyone for taking part and helping. If you are creating your own homemade items including greetings card wording, then these verses for invites should be suitable for your needs.

At babbee.com you will also discover information on etiquette, recipes, games to print and poetry which are suitable for reading out at the party.

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You will find some great poetry that can be recited at gift giving time for the new mommy.

The free poems here are ideal for a hostess to read out at the celebration.

The thank you poems and verses on this page will create a lovely atmosphere for the baby shower.