Baby Shower Message Poems

It's a great idea to read out some poems at the shower to add to the atmosphere and so we have included a few original verses here.

A Message From Baby To The Guests

Thank you all for stopping by
But as I am a little shy.
I thought today I'd stay away
Mommy said that its ok.
Friendship is so hard to measure
But something mommy (and daddy) will treasure.
I hope to see you very soon,
Because in here there ain't much room.
       Love from Baby.

This Special Day

Thank you for sharing this special day,
I'm sorry I had to stay away.
But I may be a little longer,
Cos I have to grow much stronger.
Thank you for your love and wishes,
I'd like to shower you with kisses.
       Love from Baby.

Create a Wonderful Atmosphere

Check out the shower favor verses that are great for enhancing a simple and inexpensive gift. Recite a few of these funny baby poems and the lovely messages from baby, and you are certain to create a lovely atmosphere to the shower. Other poems included here are funny and sure to be suitable for your special event invitations and notes. You may care to recite a prayer for baby in a quiet moment, whereas many of the verses are funny and also perfect for either baby girls or baby boys and so should suit any situation. Some of the verses are also suitable for adding to favors or gifts and should also be perfect for homemade reply letters and notes that you will want to sent to guests. They should be helpful in making the event enjoyable and giving the occasion a fun and peasant feel and atmosphere.

As well as the funny poetry and baby messages on this page, there is also you will find information on etiquette on this site, and activities in addition to the other verses which are suitable for reading to the shower attendees. Be certain to have a lovely feeling and atmosphere at the celebration, by reciting a few of these verses and adding a more sentimental touch. This will be a great change or contrast to the general fun and games that you are going to have at the party.

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