Poems For Baby Shower Favors

Here are some verses that will be great for adding to favors for the guests.

A Favor Poem

Please accept this little token
To say the words perhaps unspoken
The words I guess you already know
Are thank you wrapped and tied with a bow.

A Seed Favor Poem

Please take a favor as you go.
Plant the seeds and see them grow.

A Sugar Cookie Favor Poem

This cookie is made with sugar it's true
But it's not nearly as sweet as a guest like you.

A Poem For Soap Favors

When you use this soap and it bubbles
Think of me and send me cuddles.
- From Baby.

Tea Party Favor Poems

We've showered the mommy
With gifts and tea
But this little gift
Is from baby and me.

Pretty in pink
And bonny in blue
This little gift
Is just for you.

Ribbons of pink
And ribbons of blue
This favor gift
Is just for you.

Ideas For Your Favors

Our baby shower favor poems will really add to the small gifts of gratitude that you will be giving to your guests. They will be thoughtful finishing touch to a small, inexpensive item and make it have so much more value. For those of you you wondering how to create your own invitations, then the free baby poems which we have included on this site are sure to be of help. They suitable wording should also be perfect for homemade baby stationery and the thank-you poems for letters and notes to the guests. The verses are also suitable for you to add to party favors and gifts and there are a few lovely prayer to add a poignant note to celebrations. Most of the verses are great whether the shower is for a baby boys or a baby girl, so they should suit needs and be of assistance when planning the event for the soon-to-be mommy. There are even more verses here for shower invitations which are original and also free for you to use at a shower that you are holding for a friend or coworker.

We trust that the information here, including poems for your favors at the baby shower and various notes, will be helpful to you. Also on this site, you will find information on and activities to print plus theme suggestions,

You'll find some cute and original poems, wording for favors and other hosting ideas and party hints.

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We have some baby shower favor poems that are original and free to create a memorable celebration for the new mommy.

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