Baby Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo - Free Printable Cards

Entertain your guests with the free shower games that we have on this site. The most popular of the games here is shower bingo, which you can print.

We have a list of cards with baby words for shower bingo shown below, which you may use for your shower. There are fifteen for you to print, plus a blank on which you can write words of your own choice or use to add to the others if you need a few more. Simply print out one of these for each of the guests or teams and then later before the game starts hand them out.

We also have two lists of the words included on the cards for you to call out. Either just check the words on the list at random and call them out, or cut up the list into squares and pull them out of a hat or bag. Here is the link to the list of the bingo cards that you can print off, for your private use at the shower which you are throwing.

Bingo Fun

There are fifteen pre-made cards and if you don't have enough to give one to each individual, then you can either write your own words on a blank card which is provided, or have guests form into pairs or small teams. In fact it is often a good idea to have pairs or teams of guests sharing a card, as some people may need a little help and it also acts as a great ice-breaker and encourages interaction. Some hostesses prefer to create their own tickets, with their own personal wording and the blank card can be utilized for this.

There are also the two caller's check lists of words for the printable Bingo Game, which we have used on the tickets.

This is a very popular game and this version is ideally suited to a baby shower, as the bingo words all relate to a new mommy and her future child. This game adds to the general theme and atmosphere of the occasion.

As with any party game, its really a good idea to award the winner a prize of some kind, even if it is a very inexpensive item. A benefit of playing a game like bingo, is that everyone stands an equal chance of winning and no-one will feel that they are sure to lose. We hope that everyone will enjoy playing free baby shower bingo and that the event is a great success.

Host a Fun & Successful Shower

Remember to have a look at the themes and our original baby poems, which are ideal for adding to gifts and invitations. Also help to keep the guests happy by offering them some finger food snacks from the recipes on this site. Be sure to include activities, with games and quizzes that are printable, for them to play to add some interest to the party and to get all the guests to mingle. By including some well chosen entertainment when you are planning the event, you are sure to give the guests, including the future parents, a great time that will be remembered with pleasure. Also take a good look at the other sections here at for some suggestions for food and decorations, that will make your task as hostess so much easier. As the bingo is free for a hostess to print, it is possible to create games and entertanment for the shower on a budget.

Playing baby shower bingo is a great way to entertain the mommy-to-be and her guests at the celebrations.

The bingo here is free at and sheets and instructions are printable for you to download to your computer and print out

All it is going to cost you is the ink and paper and you can start to print out the tickets straight away.

It is a really easy game for anyone to play and any of the friends or family will be able to enjoy and maybe win.

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You will find party ideas, including how to organize the affair to keep all your guests happy. The games can be used with any theme idea and will add to the general feel of the party.

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