Baby Shower
Sock Roses

Baby Sock Rose Centerpieces

To make baby sock roses you will need:

* Baby socks

* Flower stems with leaves. These could be from your garden or from faux flowers - just remove the blooms.

* Green floral tape (florist tape). We found green electrical tape works quite well too.

* A spoonful of patience


Step 1 - With the toe towards you and the heel to the left lay a baby sock in front of you.

Step 2 - Start rolling – not too tightly – from the toe to the open end of the sock.

Step 3 - When just past the heel, hold the rolled part of the sock firmly in your left hand then put your right hand a littleways into the open end of the sock – i.e. inside the cuff.

Step 4 - Pull slightly to the right then slip the cuff of the sock over the end of the roll.

Step 5 - Remember to leave the edge of the cuff slightly curled back as this makes a sweet petal like edge.

Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

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