Color Themed Baby Shower

White Theme Baby Shower

Honoring a mom-to-be with an all white baby shower is a lovely idea. It’s also a perfect way to help her prepare for a little one.

Sending your guests invitations, explaining your theme, is a good suggestion. As this will not only give them an idea of what to expect at the party, but the kind of gifts to bring as well. Cheap Baby shower invitations are of course readily available. But don’t forget, making your own cute invites, can be a fun project too.

Creating a lovely setting for a white baby shower is easy. Simple decorations, such as white balloons and streamers, and white ribbons and bows, are a popular choice, and work really well. White baby socks pinned (pegged) to a mini clothesline are a favorite too. These little socks will do double duty as a cute baby gift as well.

A table covered with a white tablecloth and a delightful centerpiece, will also make a wonderful addition to your party d├ęcor. For this occasion, many hostesses like to choose a pretty arrangement of white flowers, for their centerpiece. This is simple and inexpensive to create. Which if you are on a low budget is of course especially important.

Easy to prepare finger food, is a popular choice for this special celebration too. A menu that includes, tea sandwiches as well as homemade cupcakes and cookies for example, will surely please everyone. Your efforts are also certain to be very much appreciated.

Additionally, if you organize with care some well-loved baby shower activities, these are sure to keep your guests happily chatting. They are also bound to guarantee lots of funny moments, and some wonderful memories too. Don’t forget to buy and award prizes to winners. Also, be certain to see our fun ideas for games to play at a baby shower.

Send guests home with white themed favors, and your creativity is sure to impress. Mini marshmallows popped into cellophane bags, and tied with a ribbon, would be a very sweet choice. Other favorite suggestions for little thank you gifts, include baby powder candles, and packets of seeds. Maybe White Sweet Peas or Bunny Tails.

Also, keep in mind, that baby shower guests often ask for gift ideas. You might recommend, white baby clothes, a beautiful shawl, or perhaps a baby gift basket. A soft and cuddly stuffed animal suitable for a newborn, would make a thoughtful baby gift too. Perhaps a white teddy bear!

Baby Shower Themes

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