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Daisy Theme Baby Shower

In the language of flowers a daisy means innocence. So honoring a mommy-to-be with a daisy baby shower, is a really sweet idea. Also this cute party theme would be a perfect choice for a summer baby shower.

Daisy baby shower invitations are a great way to establish your theme. These cute invites will be helpful to your guests too. As it will it give them an idea of what to expect at the party, and also the kind of gift, gift wrap and card to choose. Incidentally, if you find daisy invitations difficult to obtain, daisy notecards are a good alternative. Plus, don’t forget, making your own invites can be great fun as well.

Decorating a room for a daisy baby shower is easy. Cheap party decorations, such as white and yellow balloons, and green streamers, are a popular choice, and work really well. Ribbons tied together in bows in daisy flower colors, as well as daisy chain lace trim are favorite ideas for decor too.

Also, remember, a prettily dressed table can make a wonderful addition to your party décor. For your centerpiece, for example, you might choose a pitcher filled with daisy flowers, or perhaps a daisy baby shower cake. These sweet centerpiece ideas would be a perfect choice for this occasion, as they’re not only decorative, they’ll support your daisy theme too.

A buffet would also work really well for this very special celebration, and it will surely please your guests. Tea sandwiches, cupcakes with daisy cake decorations, and homemade daisy shortbread cookies, are just a few easy menu ideas. Green or clear glassware filled with yellow jelly beans and lemon drops, would be a great choice as well. Also, for a summer baby shower, lemonade would be lovely if offered as a refreshment.

Additionally, making sure your guests are kept entertained is of course important. However, if you arrange some popular baby shower activities with care, everyone is certain to have a truly enjoyable time. Don’t Say Baby and The Cotton Ball Game for instance, might be a fun pick. Don’t forget to award prizes to winners!

Your guests are also certain to appreciate a little daisy themed thank you gift. Daisy cookie cutters, boxes of Chamomile teabags, daisy notepads, as well as Gerbera potted plants, are popular suggestions for party favors. Another is packets of daisy seeds, such as White Button, Feverfew, Shasta or Gerber.

Finally do keep in mind that baby shower guests often ask for gift ideas, so to have a short list to hand. You might suggest a layette, daisy crib bedding, or maybe some daisy nursery décor. Plus for the mom-to-be, a piece of daisy jewelry or some daisy perfume, would perhaps make the perfect gift.

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