Book Baby Shower Theme

Book Themed Baby Shower

Children love to be read to, and when they are older will often hold fond memories of their parents telling them a story. So honoring a mom-to-be with a book baby shower is a wonderful idea.

Writing a few words on your baby shower invitations, to ask your guests to give a book gift, is a nice idea. You could perhaps write, “To help build baby’s library please bring a book ~ your favorite book as a child”.

Setting the scene for this very special event is easy. Bunches of colored balloons, a garland, and alphabet blocks, are just a few popular ideas for decorations, that work really well. However, don’t forget, party supplies featuring favorite storybook characters, are readily available. So before deciding on your décor, be certain to take a look at these items too.

A centerpiece will also make a delightful addition to your party décor. For this occasion, many hostesses like to use a toy from a well-loved children’s book. Such as Winnie-the-Pooh! This is a great choice, as their centerpiece will do double duty, as a cute gift for baby. if you are planning a baby shower on a small budget, this is of course particularly helpful.

Serving a sweet and savory menu, inspired by once upon a times and nursery rhymes, is a charming idea too. You might include, and label, The Queen of Hearts tarts, and Humpty Dumpty hard boiled eggs. A Peter Rabbit vegetable platter, and homemade, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star shaped shortbread, would also make cute finger foods.

Thoughtfully organize some activities, with prizes for winners, and your guests are certain to have a truly enjoyable time. Baby Word Scramble for instance, would be a great choice for this occasion. Be sure to see our other fun suggestions for games to play at your baby shower too.

Every good story has a happy ending. So sending guests home with little book themed thank-yous, would seem a fitting end to a book baby shower. Homemade cookies, journals, bookmarks and address books, are sure to please everyone.

In addition, if your guests should ask for gift ideas, you might recommend a favorite and classic children’s book ~ perhaps Alice In Wonderland, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar! This will surely be treasured. Nursery bookends, or a storytelling, nursery rhyme, or lullaby CD, as well as a baby book gift basket, would be sweet suggestions for presents too. Also for the mommy-to-be a silver book charm would make the perfect little keepsake.

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