Alphabet Baby Shower Theme

Alphabet Themed Baby Shower

Learning their ABC is of course an important part of a child’s early years. So honoring a mommy-to-be with an alphabet baby shower, is a really lovely idea.

A great way to set up an abc theme, is to send your guests store-bought, or homemade alphabet baby shower invitations. Your guests are also sure to find these helpful. Especially when choosing a present, gift wrap and card etc.

Decorating a room for this very special event is as easy as ABC. Balloons, alphabet blocks, and a letter garland are popular choices for decor. Children’s alphabet letters, a poster, and ribbons and bows, as well as alphabet wall and flash cards, are favorites too.

For your centerpiece an alphabet cake would also be a sweet choice, and of course will contribute to your menu. It will also make a delightful addition to your party d├ęcor. Another favorite idea for a centerpiece, is to use some letter building blocks. These too would be a good pick, and they will make a really nice baby shower gift as well.

Additionally a menu comprising of sweet and savory finger foods is sure to be a hit with your guests. Tea sandwiches, homemade cupcakes, letter cookies, and alphabet letter candy, are just a few simple suggestions. Using an alphabet letter ice tray, to make ice blocks for drinks, is a fun idea too.

Also, if you organize some favorite baby shower activities, these will surely keep everyone entertained. Baby Word Scramble for example would be the perfect choice for this occasion. Or maybe each guest could make their own alphabet bead bracelet!

To complete your ABC theme a prettily wrapped party favor is sure to be appreciated. Homemade alphabet letter cookies, or perhaps an initial keychain ~ chosen with the recipients name in mind, would be a great choice.

Plus, don’t forget that your guests may ask for gift ideas, so to have a few in mind. You might recommend some ABC crib bedding, or perhaps an alphabet mobile. An ABC book would be an adorable gift suggestion too. Also, for the mom-to-be, a letter charm, or a pair of initial earrings, is sure to become a truly cherished keepsake.

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