Party Wearables For A Mom To Be

Why not make the mommy-to-be feel extra special at her baby shower with a fun gift that she can wear. A store bought or homemade mom to be sash, rosette award ribbon, or corsage for example, would be a great choice. Tiaras, and buttons and badges, are also widely available, and would be a cute pick too.

Another nice idea is to give her a fun piece of jewelry to wear. This you might buy or maybe make yourself. Baby shower charms for instance are just perfect for making an adorable necklace and a darling bracelet too.

Mother to be themed items are readily available, so if your guests should ask you for some gift ideas, you might also consider suggesting presents such as some mom to be flip flops or slippers, jewelry, or a tee shirt. Other gift ideas might include a pink or blue tee, and a tee shirt or an item in a color or design that matches your party theme.

All of these party wearables she is sure to love. And don’t forget that many of them can be personalized too!

Baby Shower Hosting

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