Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Sending handwritten thank you cards with a few heartfelt words of gratitude to your baby shower guests is sure to be a gesture that’s truly appreciated.

When to mail your cards

If possible try to send your notes soon after the day of your baby shower, however, if this isn’t feasible, then as soon as you reasonably can.

Choosing stationery

There are some really cute thank you cards available to buy and also to print. Some of which have been especially designed to co-ordinate with a popular baby shower theme. Note cards in a variety of lovely designs too are widely available, so these are a good option as well. Another alternative that you might like to think about is to make your own cards.

How to write baby shower thank you notes

Online you can find some great ideas for thank you card wording, as well as some adorable sayings, quotes, and some really cute poems too. There are also many websites that advise on good etiquette. Also, if you find the thought of writing lots of thank notes at once a little daunting, a good tip is to write just a few at a time.

Who gave what present?

Many people advise that when writing thank you messages it’s important to mention the gift itself. For example, thank you so much for the cute teddy bear, rather than thank you so much for the lovely gift. However this does of course mean that a good record will need to be kept of who gave each present. This important task will often fall to the party hostess, who when a gift is opened writes down against the name of the giver what the actual item is. Alternatively she may choose to write this information on the gift tag that accompanies the present. The list or the tags are then put in a safe place, and then given to the mommy-to-be at the end of the party, or soon after.

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