Baby Shower Personalized Gift Ideas

Keepsake and Personalized Baby Gifts

Keepsake gifts often become cherished items, so they're a nice gift idea for a baby shower.

Favorite presents include:
First tooth or curl box
Music box
Photo album
Memory book
Hand and footprint kit
Baby blanket
Picture frame
Silver brush and comb set
Small baby themed crystal ornament
Sterling silver egg cup
Sterling silver infant spoon
Sterling silver baby bangle
Piggy bank.

A keepsake box or a keepsake time capsule also make a thoughtful baby shower gift; as parents often have a few precious baby items that they hold dear, or need to keep safe - like baby's birth certificate, hospital bracelet, first shoes, baby's first spoon and a maybe a little teddy.

And don't forget that many of the items mentioned here, as well as lots of other cute things for a baby, can be personalized, or engraved, making a gift for a baby that is both original and unique.

Baby Shower Keepsake Suggestions

Clothes suitable for a newborn are a really good choice and the new mommy will need all the baby clothes and diapers that she can get. Feeding equipment will be of use to the new parents and a basket containing such things as baby bottles and dishes might be a good baby gift idea. Finding cheap baby shower gifts can be a problem if you have a limited budget, but a homemade creative idea can make a very acceptable present. The shower takes place when the parents may well find that they realize they experience the many high costs faced with when expecting a young baby to take care of. Bear in mind the real concept of a baby shower was basically offer gifts for the new mommy to provide for child. So you can be fairly sure that these days they are going to be pretty appreciative to receive some financial help by receiving practical gifts.

When you wrap your gift get some attractive wrapping paper and perhaps some ribbon and be sure to add one of these baby poems to give an extra touch. They will be ideal to emphasize the theme and presentation of the gift being given.

Also take a look around this page with more baby shower suggestions and links to the main sections. There are ideas for the hostess, those attending and also for the mommy where they may need some information regarding the party.

Generally speaking, you really must entertain your attendees, so maybe one of these shower games and there is a whole choice of games over here with this at Perhaps consider a paper and pencil game like this baby word scramble contest (Link) that is a great favorite. Another to play is the free baby bingo on this page, as it's pretty easy for the hostess to plan and great fun for the party guests to play. They will both be ideal to take place when the gifts are being opened by the mommy.

With these articles you can find some affordable ideas for a gift list for the new parents.

You can organize the shower and let the guests know what items would be preferred by the mommy to be.

Just look at the personalized suggestions for anyone looking for baby shower gifts.