Baby Shower Nursery Gift Ideas

Nursery Gifts

Buying a gift for a baby's nursery is a great idea. But before you shop a good suggestion is to ask baby's parents, if they have, or have in mind, a theme or color scheme for their baby's room; as a present that co-ordinates with their chosen theme or colors is sure to be appreciated.

There are some lovely nursery items available, here's a few affordable baby shower gift ideas:
Diaper stacker
Growth chart
Toy bag
Framed print
Wall frieze
Lamp and lampshade
Children's Books
Lullaby CD
Baby monitor
Crib sheets
Teddy bear, or other cute stuffed toy
Baby care book

Nursery presents that cost a little more but would perhaps make a nice group gift include a dressing and changing table, a bassinet, a crib, and a cradle.

What to give at the baby shower.

If you want to find a lovely baby shower gift then consider getting practical items that the parents will appreciate. Diapers suitable for a newborn are a really good choice and the new mommy will need all the baby diapers that you offer her. Finding cheap baby shower gifts can be a problem if you have a limited budget, but a homemade creative idea can make a very acceptable present. To make your chosen purchase a really attractive baby shower gift, do take extra care with the gift wrapping and consider add a baby poem like this to create an additional touch to the item. Buying baby gifts can be fun to buy and you don't need to spend a fortune on large items. For an original baby shower gift, consider giving a creative handmade gift that can become a unique keepsake that parents will treasure for years.

Here on we have ideas for the organizer, the party attendees and of course for the new mom in case they might need any suggestions regarding the forthcoming event. Be sure to take a look at this page with more baby shower ideas with links to the main sections. For instance, you really need to entertain your guests, so check out one of these baby shower games and check out the a good section of games here with this at
They are particularly suitable to enjoy while the gifts are being opened by the new mommy. An Idea for everyone to play is the printable baby shower bingo on this page that is pretty inexpensive for the hostess to arrange and real fun for the party guests to play. also consider a words game like this scramble one on this page which is a great favorite.

We have some suggestions for nursery gifts here for guests wondering what to give at a baby shower.

Host the shower and give those attending some tips on what to give mommy for the new baby .

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