Baby Shower Gift Ideas


There are lots of fun toys available for babies and toddlers at a wide range of prices. So whatever your budget you're sure to be able to find a great gift for a baby.

However, when buying toys don't forget to check the age range that the item is recommended for. This you can usually find on the label or packaging, or in the product information.

Here are some popular toy gift ideas for a baby shower:
Baby bouncer
Activity center
Baby swing
Baby gym
Push along toys
Pull along toys
Sorting toys
Soft balls
Bath toys - don't forget the rubber ducky
Cute stuffed animals
Musical toys
Teething toys
Stacking toys
Jumbo knob puzzles
Toy bags - these are great for holding baby's toys.
Building blocks - a traditional toy for kids - building blocks are good for developing a child's coordination, and they're fun to play with too.

Give baby toys at the shower

Educational or learning toys make an imaginative gift that can be affordable and also be of great benefit to the baby. Finding cheap baby shower gifts can be a problem if you have a limited budget, but toys can be inexpensive and can make a great present. Clothes suitable for a newborn are a really good choice and the new mommy will need all the baby clothes and diapers that she can get. Well, the real concept of the event was basically gift giving to the soon to be mom and she will be very happy to receive some practical assistance by receiving thoughtful presents.

It's a great idea to enhance the value of the gift being offered, And to make your gift a really pretty baby shower gift, you should give extra attention to the gift wrapping. Also, why not add these baby poems here that will create an extra touch to the item.

Also read the main page with more baby shower ideas including more links. This site has ideas for the organizer, the guests and also for the parents where they might want any suggestions regarding the party.

Don't forget that you really need to entertain your guests during the affair, so check out one of these baby shower games and check out the a good section of games over here with this at These will be ideal to include when the gifts are being opened by the guest of honor. An Idea to consider is the very popular baby shower bingo (Link) that is very easy for the hostess to plan and great fun to play. also include word games like this word unscramble quiz over here that is great.

If you are looking for baby toy shower gifts, then take a look at our great suggestions.

Plan the shower and give the guests some tips on what to buy for the new baby and mommy.

There are some helpful suggestions for baby toys to give the new parents that they will really like.