Baby Shower Decoration

With some cute and inexpensive decorations you can create a fun setting for a shower – and bring together a party theme.

Balloons and streamers are good party basics that  instantly say it's a party!  So these are good things to start with when you're shopping for baby shower decorations.  But there are lots of other items that you can use to decorate a party room, or a garden, too – including:
Cut outs
Door signs
Cute baby themed hanging decorations
Tissue paper pom poms,
Paper lanterns
Honeycomb decorations
String lights
Pinwheels (windmills)
Rubber duckys
Children's books
Baby toys – like building blocks
Teddy bears, or other cute stuffed animals.
Baby clothes, or socks, pinned (pegged) to a clothesline.
Christmas decorations – these are just perfect for a Holiday baby shower.

Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

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Decorating the Event

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