In addition to the free games, recipes and poems here on this site we've also included a range of baby shower etiquette questions, which we have answered here to give you a general guide to throwing the affair.

Etiquette For A Baby Shower

On the following pages you'll find some typical questions relating to etiquette which we have answered and which may be of some help to you when considering or planning the celebrations.

Baby showers have been popular since the early part of the last century with the main purpose of giving the new mother the items which she will need to look after her new baby. However, holding a shower is of course not just about giving gifts but is also a social event and it is a good excuse for friends and family to get together and to celebrate the birth of a baby.

Certain traditions have become established since that time regarding the etiquette for hosting a shower. These traditions, and related etiquette generally, are of course not fixed rules and final decisions depend on what you and the others involved feel is appropriate for your particular situation. Also you should bear in mind that traditions and customs may well vary from one area of the country to another. - So now go to the first question.

Shower Suggestions

Choose some activities that will suit the people attending the celebrations. Some may enjoy getting involved in the more outrageous activities and which will produce hilarious laughter. Others may prefer a quieter time, relevant to babies and motherhood.

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So, if you are stuck for some ideas for organizing a shower that you are planning, then the articles that you will find here may just help you out.