Raffle Ideas For Baby Showers

A free raffle is a really popular idea for a baby shower activity and it’s a favorite of party guests too.

Cute baby shower raffle tickets are readily obtainable to buy, however, you will also find that there are lots of printable ones available too.  Alternatively, inexpensive raffle ticket rolls and books come in a great selection of colors, making it easy to match them with the colors of a party theme, so you may want to consider choosing these kind of raffle tickets as well.

Arranging a free raffle is easy and there are lots of favorite ways of doing so.  One fun idea is to organize as a door prize.  This is where each guest is given a ticket when they arrive at the party.  Another is to simply give each shower guest a free raffle ticket, at a suitable moment during the party.

In most cases however, the raffle ticket stubs are placed into a container, maybe a basket or a box, and the mommy-to-be is asked to draw one out, she then calls out its picture or number; and the lady with the corresponding ticket wins the game, and a great prize too.

Baby shower scratch cards are also a really popular choice for an easy baby shower game, the object of this activity being, that the guest who reveals the winning symbol wins the prize.

Favorite baby shower raffle prize ideas include, a bottle of wine, a gift basket, a gift card, a tin of cookies, and a nice box of chocolates.  And don’t forget you can of course if you wish have more than one winner and so prize too.

In addition, nowadays a diaper raffle is sometimes played at a baby shower, so you may want to consider organizing this kind of activity as well.

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