Guess Who Is The Baby, Shower Game

The Guess the Baby Game

In your invitation ask each guest to bring with them to the shower a picture of themselves as a baby. It may be a good idea to give the guests a reminder before the shower to bring the photo with them as without the photo they can't be involved in the game.

Take the picture from each guest as they arrive and lightly pencil on the back a number, being careful not to damage the photo and make a list so you can tell later which photograph corresponds with each guest.

To play the game itself give each guest a piece of paper and pencil, show all the guests a photograph and tell them the number then tell them to write down whose photograph they think it is.

Then do the same with the next photograph.
If there are a lot of guests it may be necessary to pass the photographs around as they may not be able to see the photograph clearly.

The guest who identifies the most photographs is the winner.

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