Mommy's Tummy Girth Guessing Game

Mommy's Tummy Size Game

Give each shower guest a length of ribbon say four feet long and ask them to tie a knot in the ribbon to guess how large mommy's tummy is.

The ribbon is then wrapped around her tummy to check the length chosen, the nearest guess wins. As an alternative to using ribbon you can use string or wool or people can tear off a length of toilet roll.

You should of course ask the mommy when you are planning the shower if she will be happy playing this game.

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Together with giving you hints for prizes which the contestants can win, the tips that we offer on this site are certain to show you how to prepare for the quizzes. The activities, including those that you'll find included here, ought to be relevant for many of the the invitees that you expect to get, particularly the females who are sure to be generally be attending. It is best to bear in mind personalities of attendees and the age groups of all the guests if you're choosing the quizzes.

Offering the winners of fun small prizes is certain to make the contests far more exciting. Any of those who win can have an extra small keepsake to remind them of the party. In fact a reasonably-priced prize would definitely be prized by person who wins and always be ready to award an additional prize if the result of the contest is a draw.

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