Clothes Pin Game - Don't Say Baby or Mommy

Don't Say 'Baby' Game

Give each guest a clothes pin when they arrive at the baby shower and ask them to pin the clothes pin to their clothing either on their shirt or hem of their skirt.
The object of the game is not to say 'baby'. If a guest hears another guest say the word baby then they can claim their clothes pin.
The guest who collects the most clothes pins is the winner.
Set a time limit of half an hour for this game so that people can relax after that.
This game is a very good way to get baby shower guests who do not know each other or do not know each other very well to chat.

Another variation on this game is for guests not to be allowed to cross their legs or ankles for half an hour. If a shower guest sees another guest crossing their legs or ankles then they can claim their clothes pin. The guest who has claimed the most clothes pins in half an hour wins the game.

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