Baby Shower Poems

Here are a few sheets of baby shower poems which are original and sure to delight your guests.
We have included verses here that are suitable for:

Bridal Shower Poems

Poems for a Baby Shower

With Tiny Hands

With tiny hands and tiny feet
I hope that very soon we'll meet.
I hope that you will stay a while
And make my mommy (and daddy) smile.
And although I can't be there today
There's something that I'd like to say,
Thank you for your gifts and wishes
And please help mommy with the dishes.
       Love from Baby.

Free Baby Verses For the Celebration

The free baby poems which we have included on this site have suitable wording that should be perfect for homemade invitations as well as letters and notes of gratitude. They are also suitable for adding to favors for the guests and gifts for the mommy-to-be.

The cute poems here at are generally perfect for either baby girls or boys and are great for various applications.

They can be added as a finishing touch to diaper cakes or even to shower cakes, or printed on cards as part of the table decorations. Also, they can of course be added to cards attached to favors, to be handed to the guests.

With a little imagination you will be able to personalize them to suit the mommy-to-be or her new infant to help create a complete baby theme for the event. Choose a few baby shower poems that are appropriate for the particlular theme that you have chosen for the event, as it will add to the overall atmosphere and feeling of the occasion. A great time to read them out would be while the gifts are being opened by the future mother, with friends and family all gathered around. This will surely create some emotional and memorable moments that will make the celebrations and shower generally especially memorable

Although a vital part of a shower is the fun and games and excitement about the coming event, there is another side to the affair. This will be a particularly emotional occasion and reciting one of our baby shower poems will be sure to add a sentimental touch to the mood of the affair. The poetry includes a prayer for the coming baby, as well as other messages relating to the child.

Poems for Baby Showers

Take a look at the links for the invitation ideas, plus the wording for favors and more invite poetry suggestions here at babbee. You may be able to rearrange some of the wording a little to include the name of the baby or mommy to personalize the poem and make the atmosphere more complete. Ensure that you create a lovely feeling to the celebrations that the parents will remember with joy.

Additionally there is wording for a message, a lovely prayer and a wording for the acknowledgement cards that the attendees, including the future parents, will love.

We hope that the wording included here will be appropriate for your particular themed the greetings cards and notes. They should be just right for adding to gifts, favors and invitations. In addition, they are going to delight all those present when they are recited at the celebrations. Choose suitable moments to read them out, such as when the gifts are being opened.

On this site you will additionally find information on etiquette, finger foods recipes, games to print and poems which are suitable for a delightful celebration invitations.

Make sure that everyone has a great time by providing food, favors and encouraging chatting, as they are of course an important part of creating a successful shower, but be sure and include one or two of the free printable games here onsite at here. By reading the various useful articles here at, you will be able give the future parents a wonderful occasion with great gifts for the new baby and additionally have an event with happy guests.

As well as these cute verses you really must read these themed ideas and other activities that will make the event really memorable for all those attending. The atmosphere of the shower will certainly be enhanced when your read out one or two of the delightful poems that are shown in this section. They can be recited by the hostess, the guests or even by the mommy-to-be as seems appropriate, and create a lovely mood for the occasion that will be enjoyed by all those attending the shower

The delightful original shower poems here are ideal for adding to invitations or gifts.

Try reciting one of these cute items of poetry to add to the atmosphere and enhance the celebrations.

We have some delightful baby poetry that you can include on the gratitude you notes to the guests.

Discover steps to planning a great atmosphere with these cute verses for the celebrations.