Baby Bingo Cards

Baby Shower Bingo

Below here is a list of printable bingo cards which you may use for your shower.

Simply print out one of these cards for each of the guests and then later before the game starts hand them out. We also have a list of the words included on the cards for you to call out. The list of bingo cards are for you to print off, for your private use at the shower which you are throwing.

Bingo Card 1
Bingo Card 2
Bingo Card 3
Bingo Card 4
Bingo Card 5
Bingo Card 6
Bingo Card 7
Bingo Card 8
Bingo Card 9
Bingo Card 10
Bingo Card 11
Bingo Card 12
Bingo Card 13
Bingo Card 14
Bingo Card 15
Blank Bingo Card

And here are the words which we have used on the cards, for the bingo caller to pull out of a hat or bag Bingo Words List #1 Bingo Words List #2

Here's an alternative idea for you. If there aren't enough different cards for each of the shower guests and you don't want to create any extras, then print duplicates of enough of the cards and hand them out to some of the competitors. Make it clear that there are some duplications and that it is the guest who gets a line correct first and shouts the word "Bingo" first who is declared the winner. Either just check the words on the list at random and call them out, or cut up the list and pull them out of a hat. That should make the game a little more exciting!

Oh, and don't forget to keep the words that you have called out, so that you can check that the person who wins did really have them all on their card.

Make sure that all the guests have an enjoyable time at the celebrations for the future mommy and baby.

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The printable baby shower bingo cards here are an inexpensive way of organizing the entertainment for the event.

Download these cards to your computer and print them out or alternatively, you can just print them ahead of time, from your internet browser.

This easy to play game is ideal for virtually all of your guests to take part in and have a good time.

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