Spring Baby Shower Flower Arrangements

Flowers from your garden can often be just perfect for both a baby shower centerpiece and also for small floral arrangements and during Springtime there are so many pretty ones to choose from.

Baby Girl
For a baby girl, for example, cherry blossoms would be a lovely choice.  These delicate flowers look beautiful in a centerpiece arrangement, and they look really cute in little glass jars and vases, and drinking glasses too.  They would also of course be ideal for a cherry blossom themed baby shower.  Other ideas for pretty spring flowers, that you might pick for a little girl’s party include, pink hyacinths, pink tulips, pear or apple blossom, and pink shamrock.

Baby boy
A DIY flower arrangement for a baby boy party might include, forget-me-nots, grape hyacinths, blue columbine, bluebells, and bluebonnets.  These bonny blooms will not only complement a blue theme but many other popular baby boy shower themes as well.

Gender Neutral
if you don’t know if the little-one will be a girl or a boy, then flowers, such as snowdrops, roses, pear blossom, and lily-of-the-valley, would be a very sweet choice.  Alternatively a mixture of pink and blue blooms, or maybe some lemon colored ones, would make darling posies too.

More floral party themed ideas
Making flower arrangements that tie in with your theme is an adorable idea.  For an April showers bring May flowers party for instance, a bunch of spring blooms would make a beautiful table centerpiece.  And for a rubber ducky baby shower, tiny posies of yellow primroses and blue forget-me-nots, would be a really cute choice.  Daffodils too will look very pretty arranged in a nice vase or a pitcher – and be a lovely reminder of new beginnings.

Greenery can often be the perfect finishing touch to a flower arrangement.  Leaves from your cut flowers as well as foliage such as twigs and branches, and some varieties of ferns, and grasses, may be suitable for this purpose.  And if you only have a few blooms in your garden, foliage can also make a great filler.


So before you buy flowers and greenery for your floral baby shower decorations, don’t forget to take a look in your backyard, as you may find just what you’re looking for and save some money too!

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