Seed Baby Shower Favors

Packets of seeds are always a popular idea for baby shower favors and here at one of our favorite suggestions, is to tie the seeds to the theme of the baby shower.

This for example could simply be by choosing seeds with flowers that match your color palette, or maybe that include baby in their name, such as Baby’s Breath or Baby Blue Eyes, for instance.

Other adorable ideas include, choosing seeds with names that remind you of babies, like Bluebonnet, Teddy Bear Sunflowers, or Bunny Tails seeds.  And also picking seeds such as Lambs Ears or Cowslip for a Barnyard baby shower, Shasta Daisy, or Chamomile seeds, for a Daisy themed party, and Baby Duck Petunias for a Rubber Ducky baby shower.

So if you’re throwing a baby shower party for a mommy-to-be and you’re thinking of giving seeds as little mementos of the occasion, then why not link them to your theme, they’re sure to be a hit with your guests and will surely make them smile.

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