Daffodil Baby Shower Centerpiece

In the language of flowers the daffodil means new beginnings, so if you’re hosting a Springtime baby shower, then a vase of pretty daffodils would be a perfect choice for your table centerpiece.

Jam jars too filled with these sunny uplifting yellow flowers, will make pretty table decorations, or they could be placed around your party room as decor.

Tips for DIY daffodil centerpieces
*  Foliage is a really good filler, and therefore lessens the amount of flowers you need.  It can also make a simple homemade flower arrangement look extra special.

*  Although daffodils are generally inexpensive to buy, if you’re lucky enough to have some growing in your garden, then using these for your arrangements, is a great way to save some money.

*  Remember that daffodils, unless treated beforehand, don’t mix well with other flowers – as their sap will shorten the life of the other blooms.

More fun daffodil ideas
Other popular ideas for spring baby showers that you might like to consider, include, giving guests potted miniature daffodils as party favors and game prizes.  And choosing party supplies, such as balloons, and paper baking cups (paper baking cases), in the color yellow, or some in yellow and some in green.  Decorating cupcakes with sweet daffodil themed cake decorations, is a favorite suggestion too.

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