Best Baby Shower Themes

If you’re hosting a baby shower then choosing a theme for the party is a great idea and is sure to make planning the event that much easier.

A theme can help you to decide on your invitations, décor, centerpiece, games, menu, party favors and more, to tie all these things together, and to throw a memorable celebration that’s sure to be remembered fondly.


From traditional to modern there are many popular baby shower themes to choose from, here’s a list of some favorites:

* White
* Lemon
* Baby Blue   – for a little boy
* Baby Pink   – for a little girl
* Teddy Bear
* Woodland
* Nursery Rhyme
* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
* Book or Library
* Alphabet
* Rubber Ducky
* Noah’s Ark  – a favorite for twins
* Christmas
* Winter Wonderland
* Spring
* Baby Bird or Nesting Bird
* Easter
* April Showers Bring May Flowers
* Cherry Blossom – just perfect for a little girl
* Butterflies and Flowers
* Bee
* Ladybug
* Daisy
* Tea Party
* Disney
* Owl
* Barnyard
* Little Cowboy – western
* Little Cowgirl – western
* Harvest
* Fall or Autumn
* Little Pumpkin
* Diapers and other newborn essentials
* Two Peas in a Pod or Sweet Pea
* Around the Clock
* Jungle Animal
* Circus
* Train
* Beach
* Ocean
* Boat or Nautical

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