Washcloth Lollipop Baby Shower Favors

Washcloth lollipops are a really sweet idea for a baby shower favor and they’re sure to make your guests smile too!  They’re also a perfect choice for a Rubber Ducky Baby Shower.

Washcloth lollipops instructions

You will need:
* A wash cloth
* A lollipop bag, favor bag, cellophane, or tulle
* Small rubber band, or tape
* Narrow ribbon
* A baby’s spoon, a craft stick, or a popsicle stick (lolly stick)

How to make
1. Lay the washcloth in front of you label side up.

2. Take the edge nearest to you and fold it over about an inch.

3.  Making sure that the edges are neatly lined up, continue folding until you reach the opposite side of the washcloth.

4.  With the long edge facing upwards, place the rolled up wash cloth in front of you.

5. Rotate the washcloth a quarter turn.

6. While holding it firmly in place, roll the washcloth from one short end to the other – jelly roll style – to make a circular roll – just like a lollipop!

7.  Many people now like to use a safety pin, a few stitches, or a small piece of tape, to hold the roll securely in place – and we too have found this to be a really good idea.

8.  Next put the washcloth roll into a favor or a lollipop bag, or wrap it in cellophane, or tulle.

9.  Choose which side you like the best, then on the ‘back’ of the rolled washcloth (inside the wrapping) place the baby spoon or stick, about halfway up.

10. Securely fasten the bag, cellophane, or tulle, with a rubber band, or some tape (this will also help to keep the spoon or stick in place).

11. Wrap a ribbon around the rubber band or tape a couple of times, then tie the ribbon into a pretty bow.

Tip:  You may need to have a few goes at making your wash cloth lollipops before they are just as you want.

Tip:  Some people prefer to roll their washcloth lengthwise instead of folding it, so a good suggestion is to try both methods and see which one you like the best.

Tip:  Many people like to use 2 washcloths together in different colors – so you may like to try this option too.

Tip:  Choosing your washcloths or ribbons in colors to match your party decor is a really cute idea.

Tip:  Wash cloth lollipops can make a fun baby shower centerpiece too.

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