Sweet Favors

When asked about their best party favors, for many baby shower guests edible favors were at the top of their list, especially candy.

So if you’re looking for some little thank you gifts that are sure to be a hit with your guests why not think about candy favors.

There are lots of favorite ways to present sweets, but one of the cutest and also most popular suggestions, is in little glass jars.


DIY Candy Jars

Small glass jars are widely available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and many are just perfect for filling with sweets.  These include, preserving jars, favor jars, and spice jars.

After selecting your jars choosing your candy is the next step.  There are of course many kinds to pick from, so a good suggestion is to do a little research, and to ask family and friends for their favorites, before making a final decision.

Choosing candy in a color that co-ordinates with the colors of a baby shower theme is a really popular way to personalize candy favors.  Alternatively if you know that baby will be a girl, pink candy or blue for a boy, would be a darling choice too.  Other adorable ideas for personalizing include, adhering homemade or printable labels, and also buying or making your own cute gift tags, and perhaps adding a baby poem too.  Tying tags to your sweet jars with baby themed ribbons, or ribbons in a color or a design that matches your party theme, is a lovely way to customize your favors as well.