Hydrangea Baby Shower Centerpiece

At this time of year the Hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom and they look particularly beautiful.  So if you’re holding a baby shower in the coming months and you’re lucky enough to have some hydrangeas growing in your garden, why not think about picking a bunch for your table centerpiece.  You might also of course buy some cut hydrangeas or perhaps have a friend or relative who has some growing in their garden and would be happy to let you gather a bouquet.

The pretty pom pom like heads of the hydrangea are generally white in color or, depending on the soil they are grown in, may be different shades of pink, blue, or lavender, or even a mixture of these pretty colors.  Hydrangeas also look really lovely when they’re arranged alone and equally gorgeous when they’re mixed with other varieties of flowers; and they’re great for small flower arrangements too.

This makes these beautiful blooms just perfect for your floral baby shower decorations.  Also you might for example choose pink ones for a little girl, blue for a baby boy, and white or a mix for a gender neutral baby shower.  Alternatively you might choose to arrange them with other kinds of flowers to create a homemade centerpiece that matches your party theme, as well as your color palette.