Baby Shower Bathtime Ideas

Baby's Bath Time Gifts

Something for baby's bath time makes a great baby shower gift. Plus, there are some really affordable items and cute bath time gift sets available, so you're sure to find a present to suit your budget.

Here's some useful and fun baby bath time gift ideas:
Baby's bathtub
Bath thermometer
Soft towel
Hooded towel
Cute wash mitt
Baby soap
Baby wash
Baby shampoo
Baby powder
Baby's brush
Baby's first toothbrush
Cotton ball holder, and cotton balls
Rubber ducky, and other bath tub toys

Another good baby gift suggestion is a baby bath time themed gift 'basket' which incidentally also makes an adorable baby shower table centerpiece. Affordable baby gift baskets are widely available, but don't forget they're fairly easy to make too.

To make - simply line a container such as a baby's bathtub, a box, or a wicker basket, with a soft towel or tissue paper. Then fill with some baby bathtime products - like the ones mentioned above. Decorate with a pretty ribbon and bow - and you've made a really cute present for a baby.

Baby Bath-time Shower Gifts

If you are having problems finding cheap baby shower gifts to meet a limited budget, small baby bath items can be combined into a homemade creative idea and can make a very acceptable present. Buying baby gifts can be fun to buy and you should not have to buy large items. Bath-time toys can also make a helpful gift for the mommy and be affordable for the guest who is giving the gift - and also be of real amusement to the little one. So you might be quite certain that these days they will be very happy to receive some help with their expenses in the shape of thoughtful bath time presents.

Take the time to make your gift a pretty baby shower gift. Try you wrap the gift choose some cute wrapping paper and also ribbon and be sure to add one of these baby poems to give the item an extra special touch. Adding a finishing touch will always enhance the quality of the gift being offered.

As well as the gift giving, you really must entertain the people that you have invited. An Idea to keep your guests happy, is to play is the very popular baby bingo here, that is inexpensive to produce and great fun to play. Another to consider is the baby word scramble contest over here that is a good choice. To find more ideas for entertainment, there is a whole selection of games over here on this page at

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