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Choosing just the right gift for a baby can sometimes be difficult. So, to help, here we have put together a selection of popular baby shower gift ideas, plus some useful 'before you buy' suggestions and tips. If you're a parent of a new infant, or a mommy or daddy-to-be, you may also find this article helpful.

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What to give

Anyone trying to decide what to give a as a lovely gift for a shower should consider getting practical items that the parents will appreciate. Clothes suitable for a newborn are a really good choice and the new mommy will need all the infant clothes and diapers that she can get. Buying gifts can be fun to buy and you don't need to spend a fortune on large items. A few very cheap items as a combined gift will be appreciated, provided that they are of reasonable quality. Feeding equipment will be of use to the new parents and a basket containing such things as feeding bottles and dishes might be a good baby gift idea. Finding cheap baby shower gifts can be a problem if you have a limited budget, but a homemade creative idea can make a very acceptable present. Educational or learning toys make an imaginative presents that can be affordable and also be of great benefit to the little one.
You should always bear in mind that the usual origin of a shower was of course to give gifts for a soon to be mom and dad to help and little one. At a time when they may well they realize they must deal with a number of essential expenses when preparing for a young infant to provide for. And so you can be fairly confident that in our existing economy parents are going to be pretty grateful to receive some help with their finances in the form of useful presents

Another point to remember is that you should make your chosen gift a really attractive baby shower gift, then give particular attention to the presentation and how about add a cute poem from here to create an additional touch to the item. Doing this will help to bring out the quality of the gift being offered. Try you wrap your gift use some pretty paper and perhaps some ribbon and be sure to add one of these baby poems to give an extra touch.

Be sure to read our main page with more shower ideas, including the main menu. This site has ideas for the hostess, the attendees and of course for the parents in case they may want some suggestions about the forthcoming event. In addition, you really must entertain your friends, so consider one of these party games and there is a good selection of games right here on this link at They are something to have at the time that the gifts are being opened by the new mommy. One to consider is the well liked shower bingo (Link) that is quite simple for the hostess to organize and great fun for the guests to play. also include a words game such as the word unscramble quiz on this page which is fun.

Host a shower that everyone will enjoy with the original ideas that you will find here on this website.

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