Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

* Small potted plants make lovely favors.
If you have plants of your own a good value alternative to purchasing them, is to take cuttings and plant in small pots; tie a ribbon around the pots in a color that coordinates with the baby shower colors or theme.

Or cut felt into triangles; put these around the little pots then fold up the bottom corner, then the other two corners to make a diaper. Secure with a diaper pin. The felt could be white or this too could coordinate with the theme colors.

* Candy, Jordan almonds or Hershey kisses, in tulle, favor boxes, or cellophane bags tied with a bow, and personalized with a little baby related charm, wrapped candy bars and chocolate lollipops are always popular choices.

* Homemade cookies are a nice idea, there are lots of cookie cutter shapes to choose from, a teddy, ducky or bunny would be cute; small currants could be used for the eyes. Or cut the biscuits into rounds and decorate with icing to resemble a baby’s ball.

* Small soaps are available in lots of sweet shapes. Try to find a shape that is appropriate for the celebration. A soap could then be presented in a cellophane bag and tied with ribbon or raffia.

Ideas For Shower Favors

Thank your guests for the gifts that they have brought by giving them an easy to make favors. The favor ideas here should be of some help and guidance to you with the hosting. Also remember that the games can make the event memorable; so be sure to take checkout our free printable games. On you will also find information on etiquette, recipes, beautiful original poety which is ideal for invites.

Show your gratitude to your guests with these shower favor ideas and suggestions.

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