Decorating The Shower

And don't forget to also include your table in your baby shower decorating plan.  Some of the things that you could pick to tie in with your other party decor ideas include the table cover, the napkins the tableware, the food, and your centerpiece.  For example – a bunch of daffodils, or yellow roses, arranged in a pretty vase or pitcher, would make a lovely table decoration for a lemon or a rubber ducky themed baby shower.  Cupcakes decorated with yellow icing, or with yellow sugar roses, or with blue icing and rubber ducky cake decorations, would work well too.

Sweetly wrapped favors are also a fun and really simple way to add a decorative touch to a baby party. Inexpensive little gifts, gift wrap, favor boxes, bags, gift tags and charms are all widely available in cute baby themed shapes, patterns and colors.  Simply choose items that go well with the rest of your party decor.

Creating a lovely setting for an indoor or an outdoor baby shower can be fun – specially if you keep in mind these good party hosting tips:
1.  Keep it simple
2.  If possible – enlist the help of a good friend.
3.  Start decorating your party space – at least as much as you reasonably can – before the day of the festivities – it will probably take longer than you think.
4. Enjoy the party!

Decorate the table

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