Making Gift Baskets

What To Put In A Gift Basket

And here are some ideas for things to put in your baby gift basket that you might want to include for the mommy and daddy.

For Mommy and Daddy
flowering plant

A baby gift basket has the added benefit that it can also be a lovely idea to have as a party table centerpiece. Be sure to see our selection of othr ideas for for centerpieces.

Gift Baskets Contents

On this site you will find information on etiquette, recipes, beautiful original poems which are suitable for guests invitations or adding to a these items. They are a lovely way to combine gifts for the new baby. Making these centerpieces can be as affordable or expensive as you choose and can include baby toys, fruit, candy or items that will be useful to the new mommy. We hope that the centerpiece ideas here will be of help to you in throwing the little one. They are quick and easy to make and can include gifts from one shower guest or from several guests, depending on their budgets. They can easily be personalized and decorated to create a delightful table decoration. So be sure to see these pages Ideas for gift baskets, How to make and Making gift baskets

We have some free information on how to make homemade centerpieces for a newborn shower.

Plus party ideas including how to organize the shower to keep your guests happy.

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