Making Shower Gift Baskets

How to make a baby gift basket

An option to buying a baby gift basket is to put together your own. Here's how:

1. First choose a suitable container. This can of course be a wicker basket but might also be a gift box, a mailing box, a storage box, a baby's bath tub or a tote bag.

2. Then if needed line your chosen container with a receiving blanket, soft towel, fabric or tissue paper.

3. Next fill with little baby necessities plus a small soft toy, rubber ducky or keepsake. Alternatively fill with a selection of delicious gourmet food just for mommy and daddy.

4. Then, if you know that the child is a boy or a girl, if liked tie ribbons and bows of pink or blue to the handles of your chosen container. Alternatively choose ribbons of lemon, mint green, white or lavender, or a rainbow of colored ribbons. A helium balloon also makes a nice decoration.

5. Another suggestion is to wrap your filled 'basket' in cellophane. Then to close with a twist tie, ribbon and bow.

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Plus to give a gift that's sure to be appreciated by the mommy-to-be or new mommy (and daddy).

Gift Baskets for Baby Showers

They are quick and easy to make and can include gifts from one shower guest or from several guests, depending on their budgets. They can easily be personalized and decorated to create a delightful table decoration. On this site you will find information on etiquette, food recipes, beautiful original poems which are suitable for cute invitations or adding to a gift basket. We hope that the here will be of help to you in throwing the celebrations. THey can be are an excellent way to combine presents for the newborn. Additionally, they can be as inexpensive or expensive as you choose and can include infant's toys, books, candy or items that will be useful to the new mommy. So be sure to see these pages Ideas for gift baskets, Making gift baskets and More Suggestions

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